Dog Walking New York City – Services & Rates

You can count on us to provide the very best in NYC dog walking. Our New York dog walking service doesn’t alternate our dog walkers; this ensures that your dog feels comfortable with their passionate and dedicated Pup-Pal.

You’ll find we care for your dogs as if they were one of our own. We replenish your dog’s water on every visit and upon request, we can address other tasks such as feeding free of cost. Also, your Manhattan dog walker will leave a daily report describing your dog’s exciting adventures with Puptopia’s NYC dog walkers. We often will send you a picture of your dog during the walk as well, so you have something to brighten up your day while at work!

Many clients request their dog go on multiple NYC dog walking excursions.  Engaging in such high levels of activity is a great way to segment the day and keep the spirit and energy of the dogs high.  In addition, younger dogs can benefit from multiple walks due to their high levels of energy and need for additional exercise.

Do you have a puppy?  The professional NY dog walkers of Puptopia are very familiar with the privilege of raising puppies.  We will orchestrate an individual program for your puppy, so it grows to be happy, well-behaved, and healthy.  Please visit our NYC puppy care services page or contact us if you’re interested in our puppy program, NY dog walking, or other service options.

Puptopia does not take on any temporary clients or conduct sporadic walks. Many of our clients have been with us for years and they are all like members of our family. We prefer this type of relationship so we have a thorough understanding of our clients needs and deep understanding of their dogs. In addition, we reserve a spot and dedicated dog walker for your dog everyday. In order for us to provide such personal service we ask for consistency from our clients.

Our Manhattan dog walking goal is to accommodate the schedule of our clients; we will attempt to construct a routine engineered towards your liking.  We highly recommend you take advantage of our free meet and greet, so you can get a better idea of our passion and dedication regarding our NYC dog walking services.

All of our dog walking rates are indicated below.  Please access our contact information if you should have any additional questions regarding our NYC dog walking services.


“Indie-Pup” Rates ‎(One-on-one dog walking, 1 dog)‎

Frequency30 minute walk45 minute walk60 minute walk
5 walks or more per week, Monday-Friday.$20 per walk$25 per walk$30 per walk

**If you have more than one dog in your home, please add $5 per additional dog in household.



“Pup-Posse” Rates (Small group dog walking, 2-3 dogs)

Frequency30 minute walk45 minute walk60 minute walk
5 walks or more per week, Monday-Friday.$18 per walk$23 per walk$28 per walk

**Pup-Posse walks are based upon availability.  Various factors are considered when arranging Pup-Posse walks such as dog disposition, compatibility between dogs, age, and proximity between owners’ homes.