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The benefits of using dog walking services

A dog is a loyal friend that will walk with you through life. Interestingly, research shows that regular exercise will both lengthen and improve your dog’s overall lifespan. Puptopia is a group of New York City dog walkers that understands the science of keeping your dog happy and healthy. We are committed to providing a dog walking service that treats each puppy or dog like an individual. Our NYC dog walkers incorporate large amounts of affection, exercise and socialization into each walk, in order to fully maximize your dog’s overall health and wellbeing.
Heart Disease

As is the case with humans, dogs need regular exercise in order to minimize the risk of heart disease. Although dogs do not have what humans call “heart attacks,” they do commonly suffer from heart conditions such as Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) if they do not receive a proper diet and regular exercise.

Each Puptopia NYC dog walker will customize walking frequency and length according your dog’s specific age, size, breed and weight. This ensures that your dog will receive just the right amount of exercise to stave off CHF and to keep your dog’s heart functioning at healthy levels.

Dogs need both socialization and exercise to avoid falling into an emotional slump. If they are starved for human or doggy affection, or if they are lacking healthy outlets for their energy, dogs are likely to exhibit telltale signs of depression. Common symptoms include loss of appetite, atypical shedding, drastic weight loss or aggressive behavior.

Puptopia will gladly provide you with an enthusiastic New York City dog walker that will make a point to give your pet all the affection and exercise it needs to stay emotionally and physically healthy. Our NYC dog walkers will make a point of introducing your pet to all the other dogs in The City, in order to give your pet a social outlet and to ensure that depression stays far away from your beloved dog.
Digestive Problems

Many common problems such as stomach cramping, constipation, diarrhea and anal glandular issues can be avoided by providing your pet with regular dog walking services in NYC. If your dog is not exercising on a regular basis, various body systems are likely to slow and toxins will begin to build up. This results in digestive problems that are completely unnecessary and highly uncomfortable for your loyal canine friend.

Regular exercise via one of our Puptopia NYC dog walkers will stimulate the natural removal of toxins from your pet’s body by getting his or her body systems functioning at peak performance levels. Help your dog to digest food efficiently and stave off unnecessary glandular infections by keeping your pet active and alert during regularly scheduled walks with one of our New York City dog walkers.

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