Dogs Don’t Speak English: A List of German Dog Commands


Training a dog in German is a popular thing to do as German commands are used in the popular sport of Schutzhund. Deciding to train your dog in German has its advantages, the main one being that the dog will listen to only your command unless someone else around you speaks German. Training your dog with German commands is no different than training them in English. All you need to know are the German words and how to properly pronounce them. The following are a list of commands in English followed by German.

Lie down and lie still – Ablegen [ab-leg-hen]

Lookout, Watch, On Guard – Achtung [ahh-tuunk]

Fetch – Apport [ah-port]

Up – Auf [auwf]

Out, Let Go – Aus [aous]

Stay – Bleibsitzen [blieb-zit-zen]

Down – Daun [down]

Attack – Fass [faa]

Heel – Fuss [fuus]

Speak – Gib laut [gib-laout]

Come – Hier [here]

Good – Gut [guut]

Forward – Gradaus [graud-ous]

Up, Over – Hopp [hup]

Crawl – Kriech [creekh]

Let Go – Lass [laass]

Lie Down – Legen [leeg-en]

Take It – Nimm [nim]

Watch Out – Pass auf [paas-ouwf]

No – Pfui [pfooee], Nein [nyne]

Seek – Such [zukh]

Go Ahead – Vorwarts [forr-vehrts]

Trail – Zur Spur [tsuhr-shpur]

Sit – Sitz [sits]

Shake Hands – Gib fuss [gipp-foos]

Go – Voraus [for-owss]

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