Dogs in the Hood’ – Upper East Side NYC Dog Walking Guide


Ninja & Mako seeking squirrels in Central Park. Photo courtesy of Puptopia dog walker Liz Dean

Living in the UES – Upper East Side to non-Manhattanites – is a gift, especially for dog owners in the city. The UES is dotted with wonderful parks to stroll and play with the pups. Places like Carl Schurz Park’ river promenade give pets the chance to flex their muscles in an interesting mix of urban delights and green park like settings. Add in the Central Park abutments and it is obvious that dogs and their owners are lucky to walk in the UES.

Pet owners that have busy lives understand the importance of a professional and caring dog walker. Manhattan dog walkers typically try to walk with five, six or even seven dogs at a time. While this is an interesting sight, having a professional dog walker that specializes in small groups (no more than three) means the pet owner’s dog gets a more personal experience each day.

When the dog walker is added to places like Carl Schurz Park, the Upper East Side becomes a premier place for dog walking. Carl Schurz Park is a very dog-friendly park, one of the most dog friendly in the city let alone the UES. With the two dedicated dog runs (leash free enclosure areas) dogs get to play, romp, stomp and socialize with other four-legged urbanites. The Manhattan dog parks include the Carl Schurz Park as well as parts of Central Park – very accessible for the UES dwellers. Upper East Side dog walkers frequently use the park for walks and playtime.

Other dog friendly UES parks include the East 60th Street Heliport Dog Park, a dog run that allows leash free romping. This is a smaller park within the UES but is a great place to bring the dogs to socialize and play with others of their ilk.

When the dog walker’s duties are done and it is time for pet owner and pet to have some fun in the UES they can enjoy “pet friendly” bars and cafes. Enjoy a “cup with your pup” at places like the Barking Dog Luncheonette. The Barking Dog Luncheonette keeps human and canine guests well attended to, and owners and pets alike get to mingle and socialize at the pet fiendly establishment. Plan a stop to the Barking Dog when heading out for dog walking upper east side sidewalks and thoroughfares.

The aptly named “Fetch Bar & Grill” is another of the pet friendly establishments found in the trendy UES. Pet owners are encouraged to bring a picture of their pup to hang on the walls of the bar and grill as it is plastered with photos of their former four-legged pals and patrons. For a dog walker, the Upper East Side provides many chances to keep the pets tended to.

The UES is also lucky to have several pet-friendly rental buildings and co-ops. Because the UES residents love their dogs it is possible to find great rentals to accommodate all the members of the family.

The Upper East Side is a great neighborhood in a great city that loves its dogs. There is no lack of space or pet-friendly fun found in this Manhattan region.

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