Puptopia at ASPCA’s Blessing of the Animals


Puptopia at the Blessing of The Animals

On Sunday, December 11, I attended the Blessing of the Animals, and I must admit it was quite fun. It was probably one of the most unique animal events I have attended. There was a Rabbi and a Minister blessing all kinds of animals, including: birds, turtles, goats, insects, and of course lots and lots of dogs. It was quite the spectacle! It’s not too often that you witness barking dogs walking down the aisles of a church while the accomplished Brooklyn Youth Chorus’ angelic voices are floating through the cathedral. You can see a picture of me above and pictures of the Minister and Rabbi below. Here is the link for the event: http://www.aspca.org/Aspca-nyc/blessing-of-the-animals.aspx

rabi and puptopia and blessing of the animalsMinister and Puptopia at Blessing of the Animals


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