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Puptopia Facebook Page

Thursday, August 18th, 2011
Puptopia training puppy

Photo: Liz Dean

The Puptopia wolfpack has been adding a lot to our Facebook page.  We’ve always been big fans of dog photography and video, so there is lots of that on our page.  However, we are also always looking to educate our clients, so we have a plethora of useful information on dog training, dog health, dog news, and various other dog and nature related subjects. Check out our Facebook page at:

You can also check out our Puptopia Flickr page which features lots of cute photography featuring our clients’ dogs:

Above is a picture taken by, Liz, while she and one of our “Pup-Pals” were helping train Charlie (the adorable French Bulldog puppy) to street walk properly on leash.


Puptopia Featured In New GEO Magazine

Friday, August 12th, 2011
Tanner McAuley of Puptopia in GEO Magazine

Photo: Mathieu Asselin

GEO magazine has a new special edition on New York.  Featured in the issue is an interview with Puptopia owner, Tanner McAuley, and a profile on Puptopia. GEO has also made an iPad App, which has a video interview with Tanner that can be purchased on iTunes.  Above is a picture from the magazine.


Puptopia Today Show Segment Featured On NYC Taxi TV!

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Puptopia on the Today Show on NYC Taxi TVsToday Show Puptopia











The Today Show segment featuring Puptopia has been showing on TVs in New York City taxis lately.  It’s pretty exciting news, as we weren’t aware that we were going to be in all those yellow cabs.  Sorry that the quality of the pictures above aren’t better.  It’s not very easy to take a picture with a Blackberry in the back seat of a taxi with no shocks on the bumpy streets of NYC with a cabbie driving like Mario Andretti. The first picture shows the part of the segment where the owner of Puptopia, Tanner McAuley, is talking to Sara Haines and letting her into the first apartment where she is about to meet Bear! The 2nd picture below shows Sara Haines saying goodbye to adorable Oscar :)




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